Keynote Media Group, LLC Website Privacy Practices

Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Keynote Media Group, LLC will make good faith efforts to keep personal and business information you
send us such as your name, postal or email address, and telephone number private. We do our best to store
such information in a secure location only accessible by designated or authorized persons. We will not sell
personal or business information nor distribute it to third parties unless required to do so by law.

Collection of Information
When you browse the Keynote Media Group website, you do so anonymously. Personal information is not
collected, except as noted. Some areas or our site may require you to supply us with personal information,
however, this information may be necessary for the purpose of correspondence, exchanging information,
site registration or participating in online surveys. Keynote may also retain electronic communications you
send to us. These communications will only be shared within the firm if necessary when subject is related
to a specific project for which we are contracted to complete.

Because Keynote Media Group considers the individual information we retain as private, our policy is
to disclose no personal or business information gathered online unless release is required by law or is
pertinent to judicial or government proceedings or investigations. Keynote does not rent, sell or transmit
personal information to other organizations.