Marketing Strategy Development

Most companies have goals in mind, but need help communicating them internally before they can tell the world.  As one of the region’s most experienced marketing firms, we will sit down and have a conversation to identify where to best focus your marketing efforts.  Once you have a strategy, you’re on your way.

Marketing Research

Focus groups, online surveys, in-store surveys, phone surveys … there are many ways to effectively accumulate data on your customer, your brand, your business, customer satisfaction rating and your overall impact.

Marketing Plan

There is no company too big or too small for a marketing plan.  A strategic marketing plan is the road map that outlines objectives and actions that guide your marketing efforts.  Our simple and comprehensive plans help you recognize opportunities and prepare for business growth.

Media Advertising

Advertising is all about repetition.  Keynote is an advertising agency that will help you sell your story, build brand awareness and persuade the right audiences to take action.  Our advertising experts can hook you up with TV, radio, billboards, online, print and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to communicate to past, present and potential customers.  Whether we’re writing compelling content for monthly newsletters or monitoring a series of sales emails, we have the tools to take care of it all.

Graphic Design and Print Design

Contrary to popular belief, print isn’t dead yet.  Sales pieces, direct mail campaigns, brochures, event invitations, print advertising, program books … you name it, we design it with creativity and consistency.


Know what you want to say, but not sure how to say it?  That’s what copywriters are for.  Save yourself the agony and send your bullet points to us.  We’ll turn them into a coherent message that expresses your company’s voice and brand.


Simple graphics depicting complex information.  It almost sounds too good to be true.  We can take your company’s complex information, data and knowledge and turn it into an attractive, easy-to-read design.

Media Planning & Media Buying

Successful media planning and buying takes expertise and knowledge of the industry.  With over 60 years-combined experience in-house to guide you in this process, we help develop a media plan and budget to make sure your advertising dollars work for you.

Outdoor Advertising

The average American spends more than 18 hours a week in their car.  That’s 18 hours worth of opportunity for you to expose them to your brand.  We craft the right message and create the right visual to make your billboards, bus wraps, and guerrilla tactics stick.

Business Signage

It’s a sign, how hard can it be?  Well, if you’ve ever been tasked with designing and coordinating signs, you know there’s more to it than you’d expect.  From concept to installation, we make the process of producing interior, exterior and way finding signs seamless.