Reputation Management

Have a good reputation?  Want to keep it that way?  A reputation management plan is designed to keep your company in the public eye in a positive way.  Perhaps a press release to show you hired 100% locally and grew by 40% last year, or that you partnered with a local nonprofit and raised over $5,000.

Crisis Management

Every company should consider having a plan in place that can protect its image in the event of a crisis.  Being prepared is the best way to mitigate damages.  We can help you design and implement an internal plan so you can rest assured you are covered.  Think of it as insurance for your image.  Click here for more information.

Press Releases, Media Advisories & Press Conferences

PR is a lot like the saying “people are always going to talk, let’s give them something to talk about.”  It could mean sending out a press release for an award your company won or hosting a press conference to announce some big news.  We focus on crafting the message that keeps you in control.

Event Planning & Coordination

A lot of time and energy goes into planning a company event.  The theme, invitations, video, audio, equipment, promotion … our team works with yours to plan and coordinate an event that’s enjoyable and memorable.