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It’s official, Keynote has a new logo, tagline and website. Oh, and did we forget to mention an awesome outlook on 2014?

“Over the years, we’ve been able to build and maintain brand equity as ‘Keynote’ and really wanted to further capitalize on that name.”  -Richard Hahn, President

“Logos should be simple, durable, memorable, and capable of evolving with their brands. I feel we’ve achieved that with our own ‘k’ logo. We added a touch of ‘bold’ with the number 1 contained within its structure to show where we’re going.”  -Chris Anthony, Art Director

“We really believe in the new tagline – Inspired Marketing. We hope we’re inspiring our clients as much as they inspire us. It’s the reason I love doing what I do so much.”  -Lisa Vantell, Production Director

“The new website was designed to engage visitors, answer questions about services we offer, and showcase the creativity of the Keynote team.”  -Jessica Winters, Client Relations Specialist

“With the website’s interactive background video, we wanted to capitalize on the growing trend of filtered images, while stalking the team’s every move … haha!”  -Emily Russo, Graphic Designer

Workshops were a fun addition to our rebranding. It was important that the personality of the employees show through. You can get marketing services anywhere, but genuine people are hard to find … We’re very lucky.”  -Sarra Mohn, Client Relations Specialist